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Premier Photo Booth Rentals For Northglenn, Thornton, Broomfield, And Westminster, CO Area!

Our Premier Photo Booth Is Built for Every Occasion

It’s likely that you won’t get a photo of all of your guests.

Our photo booth rental will have them lined up waiting to use it!

This is NOT a sales call. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for your event!

What Our Photo Booth Rentals Offer

Photo Booth

The obvious, our Premier Photo Booth...where all the magic happens!

Custom Graphic

On both the touch screen as well as the body of the booth

Smooth Experience

We make the process super smooth and easy


We offer our services at a cost that won't break the bank!

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About Us

Welcome to Epic Moments by Pure Elements, your friendly neighborhood photo booth rental service. As a proud veteran and minority-owned local business, we specialize in delivering fun, instant photo keepsakes. If you’ve ever thought ‘are there any good photo booth rentals near me’, we’ve got you covered.

We serve the Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Federal Heights, and surrounding areas. Our top-notch mobile photo booth is a hit at birthdays, weddings, quinceaneras, corporate functions, and family reunions. With us, every celebration becomes an unforgettable snapshot collection with photo booth features like Boomerang, GIF, and Video with sound. Our booth body is even equipped with a front panel LCD screen that we customize to fit your event’s theme, company logo, or slideshow!

Why Choose Our Photo Booth Rental For Your Next Northglenn, Thornton, Broomfield, And Westminster, CO

A photo booth may not be right for your event, but here are some things to consider while thinking of your decision:

  • Capture Every Guest: Ever attended an event and missed out on a photo opportunity? An attractive and inviting booth means every guest will want their moment in the spotlight. No one’s left out.
  • Tailored to Your Theme: Generic setups? Not here. We craft a visual experience that aligns seamlessly with your event’s theme, ensuring your memories are as unique as the day itself.
  • Hassle-Free Moments: The last thing you need is another event-day stressor. We personally ensure a seamless integration into your event, letting you focus on what truly matters: the memories.
  • Value Without Compromise: Quality doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. Experience top-tier service that respects your budget, ensuring you get the best without any regrets.
This image shows a smiling couple posing for a holiday photo in front of a festive backdrop. The woman is wearing a black and red checkered shirt with a "Merry & Bright" holiday slogan, while the man is in a black and gray checkered shirt. Both appear to be in a cheerful mood, with the woman tilting her head towards the man, who is slightly behind her, showcasing a friendly and close relationship. The background features a decorated fireplace mantel adorned with Christmas stockings, garland, and lights, suggesting that the photo was taken during the holiday season. The warm lighting and holiday decorations contribute to a cozy and celebratory atmosphere.

Let’s See If We’re A Good Fit For Your Northglenn, Thornton, Broomfield, And Westminster, CO Event!